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Kosmas Kosmopoulos

Senior Lecturer
Athens Tech College

Kosmas Kosmopoulos


Kosmas Kosmopoulos has over 20 years experience in teaching a broad range of computing-related courses from programming to web development.

Kosmas is currently teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, in a number of UK based institutions. He is an Honorary Lecturer at the Department of information Studies at University College London (UCL), Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, and Assistant Professor at HULT International Business School.

In 2011, he founded Kosmos Education Services Ltd (KES) in London, as a consulting company, in an effort to capitalise on his long experience in education. Kosmos Education services Ltd, is participating in many international consulting, research and education projects.

Kosmas has a BSc in Computer Systems with Electronics (1999) and an MSc in Computer Networks (2001) from Middlesex University. He also obtained an MBA in Higher Education Management from UCL’s Institute of Education in 2012 and he is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2013.