The Technology College of Athens welcomes you



Athens Tech College is the first educational institution in Greece that specialises in computer science and ICT studies. ATH/TECH offers courses designed to educate professionals who are interested in technology and entrepreneurship and want to thrive in the current and future employment arena.

Having significant experience in the industry of new technologies, education and communications has shaped ATH/TECH’s philosophy. The college offers top of the line education, immediate networking for its students and continuous support for its alumni. Our goal for our students is to play a leading role in the industry of innovation.

Athens Tech College is well aware of the lack of professionals with specific skills and knowledge in the industry of technology and entrepreneurship, and has therefore created courses that educate students and provide them with the necessary qualifications to become successful professionals.

Our college’s goal has always been to turn students’ creativity and ideas into successful projects by teaching them all they need to know about technology, computer science and entrepreneurship. New opportunities related to the industry of innovation and technology have emerged and Athens Tech College wishes to educate future professionals who will rise to every occasion of their career and will become the leaders who accomplish technological and economic growth.



ATH/TECH offers specialised bachelor’s and master’s courses conducted by top academics delivering lectures all around the world. The courses are designed on the standards posed by University of Sheffield, one of the top universities in the UK that enjoys international recognition and is noted for its research activity. We also offer executive education courses led by top international professionals and academics.

Every year the students have the opportunity to put their knowledge to test by claiming an internship with our supporting partners.



Computer Science – 4 years (pathways : Computer Science | Business Informatics | Internet Computing

Computer Science – 3 years (pathways : Computer Science | Business Informatics | Internet Computing


Management of Business, Innovation & Technology

Web and Mobile Development

Advanced Software Engineering – Big Data Engineering & Data Sciences

Software Development

Software Development with Industry Placement



The ATH/TECH Career & Employability Office powered by Code.Hub helps ATH/TECH students and graduates, both fulfill their career aspirations as an immediate return on their investment in education, and also in terms of future career growth. All career services are offered to both our students and alumni helping them jumpstart or further advance their career path.

ATH/TECH students and alumni are successfully and continuously placed in the Greek job market, and they hold a strong presence in a wide range of Greek and multinational companies and organizations. In this direction, the Career & Employability Office builds relationships and longstanding collaborations with a wide network of employers, and connects them with suitable job candidates. Lastly, it offers guidance to prospective students on the academic path they wish to follow and the career opportunities that may result from it.. We offer full career management services including:

  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Advice on job search strategies
  • Coaching and advice in professional CV preparation
  • Useful tips for successful interviews
  • Career-related seminars and workshops
  • Job/internship vacancy circulation


We maintain a strong and extensive network of employers from large companies and organisations around Greece who trust us in providing them with skillful, creative and productive individuals that will suit their business needs.