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Career & Employability Office

Vision & Mission Statement

ATH/TECH students and alumni are successfully and continuously placed in the Greek job market, and they hold a strong presence in a wide range of Greek and multinational companies and organizations. In this direction, the Career & Employability Office builds relationships and longstanding collaborations with a wide network of employers, and connects them with suitable job candidates. Lastly, it offers guidance to prospective students on the academic path they wish to follow and the career opportunities that may result from it.

Career & Employability Office

Pillars of action
Students’ employability development is based on four main pillars:

  1. Teaching students how to build a targeted CV with key competencies for career and academic readiness, as well as how to search and apply effectively for jobs, internships and graduate studies.
  2. Creating interesting activities and workshops directly related to the business reality in the IT sector and its current job market
  3. Developing our students’ soft and hard skills through business-oriented education and extracurricular activities
  4. Maintaining a strong employer network where we secure work opportunities for our students

Career & Employability Office

Target Groups

Our actions revolve around three specific target groups, where each and every one of them is vital to the sustainability of the other.

We help prospective students to:

  1. Gain insights into both the academic and business world 
  2. Decide the right academic and subsequent career path to follow


We help students and graduates to:

  1. Adapt their academic path to suit their intended career 
  2. Search and successfully apply for jobs and/or academic studies
  3. Develop crucial hard and soft skills required for their intended career


We work with employers to:

  1. Open job and internship opportunities for our students and alumni
  2. Inform students on current and future job market trends
  3. Find the right candidate for their business needs
  4. Build successful recruitment campaigns
  5. Increase their business’ attractiveness to job seekers
  6. Integrate industry standards and processes into our academic curriculum

Career & Employability Office

Portfolio of Services
Prospective students

ATH/TECH Career & Employability Office powered by Code.Hub offers services to its prospective students.

ATH/TECH Career & Employability Office powered by Code.Hub offers services to prospective students in order to guide them towards the right academic path, based on their interests and strengths and also to help them gain a valuable insight into the business world, the current employment reality and the opportunities they may pursue. These services include:


  • Guest visit and tour in our premises
  • Participation in Tech Talks
  • Guest visits in lectures
  • Participation in public speeches
  • Short academic and career consultation
  • Other select extracurricular activities


We greatly value our current and future students, and are more than happy to support them in their endeavor to gain traction and momentum towards building a successful future.

Students and Alumni

ATH/TECH Career & Employability Office powered by Code.Hub helps AthTech students and graduates.

The Career & Employability Office powered by Code.Hub helps ATH/TECH students and graduates, both fulfill their career aspirations as an immediate return on their investment in education, and also in terms of future career growth. All career services are offered to both our students and alumni helping them jumpstart or further advance their career path.

The mission of the Career & Employability Office is to connect the students with the business world and provide guidance towards their intended and appropriate career path. We offer full career management services including:


  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Advice on job search strategies
  • Coaching and advice in professional CV preparation
  • Useful tips for successful interviews
  • Career-related seminars and workshops
  • Job/internship vacancy circulation and more…

We maintain a strong and extensive network of employers from large companies and organisations around Greece who trust us in providing them with skillful, creative and productive individuals that will suit their business needs. 

Developing students’ employability

The current reality of employment is that a simple bachelor’s or master’s degree does not suffice to guarantee a proper career opportunity to a fresh graduate. Through a wide range of services and activities, we develop crucial soft skills to our students, that greatly increase their employability and appeal. These activities include, among others:


  • Conferences & seminars
  • Tech Talks
  • Field Trips
  • Student events
  • Guest talks
  • Company visits
  • Student competitions
  • Work shadowing and more…


These activities not only provide valuable entries to someone’s CV and their personal experience, but also shape their understanding of the business world and trains them how to actively chase job opportunities, with high chances of success.

Advice on Further Studies 

The world is filled with countless similar Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, that someone may get lost and confused about which is the right one for them. The Career & Employability Office also offers personal advisory and consultation on academic matters, so that each individual may follow the right academic path suited to their needs and interests.


ATH/TECH College helps employers to recruit the right graduates to their teams.

ATH/TECH College produces talented and knowledgeable graduates with business-oriented education in their field of study, who are ready to become creative and productive professionals given the opportunity. In this direction, ATH/TECH College helps employers to recruit the right graduate to their team, which will give great added value to their business, and satisfy their business needs. 

We aim at building and maintaining close links between academia and the industry. On one hand, due to our business-oriented curriculum, and also through a wide range of services and activities, we develop crucial hard and soft skills to our students, that greatly increase their employability and appeal. On the other hand, we maintain a strong and extensive network of employers from large companies and organisations around Greece who trust us in providing them with skillful, creative and productive individuals that are suitable for their intended position.

Recruitment campaigns

We work with employers on developing successful recruitment campaigns, delivered though the right channels in order to maximize the intended outcome, which is to find and recruit the desired amount of skillful and knowledgeable employees, in a timely manner. 


We may arrange individual interviews on our premises with suitable students and graduates that meet your criteria.

Guest Talks

Employers may visit our premises and conduct guest talks with our students, where they may present their company, its values and its needs, in order to attract positive attention from future recruits.

Educational workshops and mock interviews

Employers may participate in educational workshops and mock interviews with students and graduates, where they will give their insights on how to submit high quality resumes and how to impress interviewers.

Work shadowing & Pair Programming

Students and graduates may participate in work shadowing sessions with interested employers, where they can observe how professionals work and behave in their job, in order to gain a better understanding of the specific role, general professionalism, as well as the work environment and culture of a company.

Career & Employability Office


You are invited to visit our campus or contact the Career & Employability Office by phone or email to discuss Career & Employability aspects and to explore cooperation possibilities with ATH/TECH College. 

Phone: (+30) 210 8088 008  and   (+30) 210 7253 783

Email: career@athtech.gr

Office: Alexandras Avenue 205, 11523, Athens, Greece – 6th Floor

Career & Employability Office Director: Vasilios Velkos (in)

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ATH/TECH Career & Employability Office is powered by Code.Hub, the 1st hub for developers. Both companies complement each other’s activities on the tech education front, as well as connecting academia with the business world.

More information about this partnership you may find here.

Career & Employability Office

Indicative Actions
Training-Speeches-Events & more..

Indicative Actions

Conduction of Code.Learn Academies  that present, explore and adequately cover cutting-edge IT technologies and programming languages that dominate the market and help the young scientists make their first career step:


In an attempt to introduce students to market executives and to today’s market demands in knowledge and skills, ATH/TECH organised the event “Meet the Experts” where a number of distinguished market experts provided an insight to what employers seek in today’s employees. They also provided additional guidelines and advice and answered questions made by students.


A Guest Lecture on “Meet the Market of SW Development in Greece” was delivered by Mr. Vassileios Velkos, in March 2019.


#JobDay, an open day organised by the Municipality of Kifissia and Skywalker.gr (job search platform), in December 2017 and May 2019.


Soft Skills Academy, a 4day social skill development seminar, organised by EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association) an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organization for EECS students at universities, institutes and schools of technology. Held in November 2017.

Career & Employability Office

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