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ATH/TECH - React To React Athens MeetUp #8

Athens Tech College  will happily host next week on Thursday 15th of February at 19:00, the React To React Athens MeetUp#8 with four exceptional speakers.

Padelis Fragos , Staff Engineer at GWI is passionate about web apps and highly skilled in all things Javascript. Alexandros Kontovasilakos, Engineering Manager at GWI is Front-end & Javascript enthusiast. The speakers will focus on “Knowing your (front-end) stack with a tech radar”.

Koliou Lina, Software engineer at Netcompany-Intrasoft, specializes in front-end development for optimal performance and seamless integration. Elijah Koulaxis, loves building tools, from automations to performance benchmarks, improving the overall dev experience. They will talk about how to ‘Revolutionize form creation!’

After the presentations attendees will have the opportunity to network and talk to the speakers and the React To React Athens MeetUp orgsanisers.