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ATH/TECH - "Getting Started with Cypress" & "What Can Playwright Do?" Workshops

On Thursday, October 5th, AthensTech College had the honor of hosting two workshops: “Getting Started with Cypress” and “What Can Playwright Do?” as part of the WeTest.Athens Software Testing Conference.

The internet has undergone significant advancements, and alongside it, testing methods have also seen improvements. Cypress, a modern testing tool, effectively addresses the testing requirements of modern web applications. Over the past few years, it has garnered widespread recognition and popularity on a global scale. The Workshop run by a special guest and speaker, Filip Hric, who is not only a Cypress Ambassador but also an expert in the program. With his guidance, participants had the chance to develop their own projects and gain knowledge in crafting comprehensive tests for web applications.

Ensuring application stability while introducing new features is a challenge. For rapidly expanding applications or websites, manual testing becomes impractical. Thus, the importance of test automation and monitoring cannot be overstated in preventing faulty releases. In another workshop, attendees worked with Playwright, Microsoft’s end-to-end testing framework. Stefan Judis, the Playwright Ambassador and main speaker, guided participants in starting new projects, conducting essential tests, creating visual regression tests, and automating processes within the CI/CD pipeline for smooth feature deployment.

ATH/TECH’s students were invited to participate to the workshops and were able to meet the experts and obtain useful tools for their future.

Stay tuned for for additional workshops and intriguing experiences like this one!