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Δρ. Δημήτρης Δρανίδης, Academic Director of Postgraduate Studies + Senior Lecturer, The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College

Δρ. Δημήτρης Δρανίδης

Academic Director of Postgraduate Studies + Associate Professor
CITY College, University of York Europe Campus

Δρ. Δημήτρης Δρανίδης


Dr. Dranidis is an Associate Professor in Computer Science and Academic Director of the Postgraduate Studies. Dr Dranidis’s interests are in the areas of Software Engineering, Formal methods, and Artificial Intelligence. He is currently involved in investigating software development methodologies for service-oriented architecture, object-oriented technologies, and agile formal methods. He is also a Research Associate in the Technological Institution of Thessaloniki, where he has taught Information Systems, Neural Networks, Software Quality and Reliability, and Programming Methodology. As a guest lecturer, he has taught Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia.

Δρ. Δημήτρης Δρανίδης

PhD in Computer Science
Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany
BSc in Physics
Aristotle University, Greece

Δρ. Δημήτρης Δρανίδης

Research Interests

Dr. Dranidis is the coordinator of the SoE research group (Software Engineering & Service-Oriented Technologies) .
His research interest include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Service-Oriented Technologies
  • Object-oriented Analysis and Design
  • Agile Methods, Formal Methods
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural networks

Full list of publications

Environments through Registry-Based Conformance Testing of Web Services
Kourtesis, E. Ramollari, D. Dranidis, and I. Paraskakis
Increased Reliability in SOA Special issue of Journal on Production Planning & Control on Engagement in Collaborative Networks, Taylor & Francis, 2009.

Run-time Verification of Behavioural Conformance for Conversational Web Services
Dranidis, E. Ramollari, D. Kourtesis.
European Conference on Web Services, Eindhoven, November 2009.

Leveraging Semantic Web Service Descriptions for Validation by Automated Functional Testing
Ramollari, D. Kourtesis, D. Dranidis and A.J.H. Simons
The Semantic Web: Research and Applications, Springer LNCS 5554, 2009, 3-607.

Semantic Annotation, Publication and Discovery of Java Software Components: An Integrated Approach
Zygkostiotis, D. Dranidis, D. Kourtesis.
In Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Software Engineering (AISEW 2009), 5th IFIP Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI 2009), 2009.